Riyadh Life! هلا ابوي

Snapchat team have continued to entertain us with a live streaming set of Snaps from a certain event or place. And to our surprise, we have found Dubai in line with London and Shanghai. It was pretty interesting to see an Arab city be globally forecasted onto all SnapChatter’s phones and gave local insight into how it really is. All was well and fine until one Friday, Saudi Arabia woke up to find a miraculous event on their story feed. (Dramatic music) Riyadh Life came to reality and shocked everyone! No one saw it coming! Riyadh’s SnapChat users rose to the occasion and flaunted their stuff to show the world who the people of Riyadh are, and most importantly how Saudi Arabia actually is!

Have a hysterical laugh with the creative snaps below:

The highlight of all the snaps was the infamous video:

This is the infamous video from the #RiyadhLife trend on #Snapchat Posted by The Social Clinic on Thursday, April 23, 2015


RiyadhLife has made the whole of Saudi Arabia facepalm all at once! While the others just continued to laugh for hours.

SnapChat has made a scene and was sure to raise the attention of everyone! They gave us a little excitement and worry about what are people going to post. We were like mothers who were very nervous about their children’s behaviors in formal gatherings, eyeing them to stop what they are doing! A little heads up would’ve been nice SnapChat!

إطلاق نسخة يوتيوب بدون إعلانات مدفوعة الاشتراكتويتر تتيح استقبال الرسائل الخاصة من الجميع

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