Robots for Surgeons?

Remember all those Science fiction movies about humans being replaced by robots? Well, this fantasy is becoming closer to reality than you think! Technology has become so advanced that scientists claim that robots can even take over heart and cancer operations.

The most common autonomous robot is known as the “Da Vincci” robot which consists of three or four robotic arms and is guided by human surgeons.  40% of the current robotic procedures are manually guided by surgeons and 60% is autonomous.  Dr. Peter Kim of the Children’s National Medical Centre in Washington DC described the machine as “next generation surgical robotic system that functions in an intelligent way.” He also said that they chose a complex surgical task by including medical techniques to insure that it will operate without a surgeon’s guidance.

Rise of the robots

Back in 2012, robots were used to perform 29% of surgical procedures. In the future, there could be many more robotic operations. Earlier this year, a Neuro-Mate robot at Bristol Royal Hospital for Children, was used to drill into a brain of an epileptic child to implant electrodes that detects what triggers his seizures.

Experts are confident that robots will soon be able to perform complicated operations with no supervision as a result of the successful soft tissue surgery performed by one of the robots. With further progress and intensive studies, robots may soon take human error out of the picture.

Autonomous robots

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