Saudi Arabia Ranks 7th on Twitter Worldwide

A few days ago we presented a visual that noted how the country with the highest percentage of Internet users that are active on Twitter are the Saudi users, and USA ranks 8th. Once the word got out, messages that Saudi Arabia has the highest number of Twitter users worldwide started to roam the Twittersphere and internet, this is obviously wrong, Saudi Arabia does not have the highest number of Twitter users, United States of America does, the chart shared stated the number of monthly active tweeting users relative to the number of internet users… penetration rate!

KSA 7th on twitter worldwide-01

There are far more internet users (and people) in the States than there are in the KSA, and the USA is comfortably Twitter’s most important region in terms of total number of active tweeters.
How important? This chart from Statista, which provides a demographic breakdown of Twitter’s user base, reveals that (all by themselves) Americans make up 24.3 percent of monthly active users (MAUs) on Twitter while Saudi Arabia makes up only 4.1% placing the kingdom in the 7th place worldwide, this is not a shy spot making it the number one Arab country with the highest number of monthly active users on Twitter!
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