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The amazing world of SnapChat has taken the social media network onto a whole new level! SnapChat is increasingly growing in the number of users with millions of snaps being sent out daily! So how can the business world benefit from such a vast market? Only by becoming SnapChat users themselves of course!

SnapChat has shown us that 10 seconds are all what you need to convey your messages, they appear and disappear in a blink of any eye, or you can create a series which lasts for a whole day. Although it has a younger market, it is currently the most effective way to reach them. Marketing the latest trends of fashion and gadgets are key to appeal to this target.

So how can this benefit your business? It elicits immediate reactions and responses and creates customer engagement and excitement in a limited time.

Business SnapChat users should use their accounts by:

  • Competition:

Have immediate responses and engagement levels with this high-tech digital world. Snaps could be sent involving certain clues or tips that a user must collect in order to win, or to send snaps of them using the products, or any idea of such. This will bring about instant engagement and fun to the customers which will have them buzz about it. In this way, you have entertained them and given them a prize for their participation and gained their liking of your image.

  • Coupons:

Reward your customers with coupons within seconds while building their probability of building their loyalty. Send out coupon codes or coupon snaps that they should screenshot or only open when they are purchasing the item. This will generate customer trial and increase retention levels.

  • Customer engagement and interaction:

Build their loyalty and respond to their feedbacks, complaints, and suggestions. Listen to what they have to say, this will give you insight on what you need to start offering to them. As well as the most effective methods to reach them by having first-hand observations on how your product is in their lives.

  • Exclusive deals and promotions:

Send out discounts, deals and promotions to your fellow SnapChat friends and make them feel special to have these discounts exclusively to them. This will create the buzz you need and invite the customers to come and approach you.

  • Tell customers about events:

Inform your customers about exciting new days and have them be the first to know! Try to engage your customers in a new and interesting way to differentiate yourself from other businesses Show visuals of how fans are enjoying the event which will encourage them to share their experiences as well.

  • Preview new products:

Make your fans feel special by giving them a peak of new arrivals and products and have the first eye view of their favorites. This will help create a buzz around your name and build their loyalty. Teasers will build temptation and curiosity to increase their engagement, leading up to the final product launch.

  • Behind the scenes:

Build your customer relations by taking them behind the scenes of where all the magic happens. They will feel connected and build feelings towards the business, revealing your fun footage to them, taking them through the whole process.

  • Giveaways:

Retain your customers and build their excitement with giveaways! This will act as an incentive to help build your follower base. Encourage your followers and fans from other social media platforms to add your account on SnapChat to be up-to-date and get a chance to receive those giveaways.

So start building up your stories and make them worthwhile for the 24-hours they’ll be living. Be creative in your series of snaps and show your audience how your product inhibits and impacts their day. Share with your friends, not customers and build your personal connections with them.

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