Snap Away!

Snapchat continues to amaze us all with its constant new updates and features! To them, entertainment has no limits. Being the most popular application today, it has yet to fail. It has captured the attention of everyone on its path to ultimate fame.

Its newest update has brought the option of being able to send discover snaps via Snapchat to your friends. This feature is simply activated through the actions of press and hold on a snap from the discover pages until the edit border appears. The user can then use all of the features that are offered to a regular snap, with certain filters, text and drawing options.

Snapchat has launched this creativity by offering Snapchatters certain templates and pictures to help encourage their interaction with the new feature. These images were found in the discover pages between the snaps as a reminder to unleash your inner creativity. Some of the templates shared were:

1 2 3 4 5

After your creativity has been contained, Snapchat give you the option of sending these awesome masterpieces to your friends’ chats to enjoy fun and entertaining doodles!

The creators of Snapchat has got us hooked on their application! Today’s social network users have become obsessed with the number of options they have been provided with. We find ourselves becoming so overwhelmed with Snapchat that we even depend on it to recall the day’s events! Looks like we’ll be keeping busy with our increasingly creative doodles until they come and surprise us with something else! Shout out to all Snapchat lovers! We have so many high hopes for you Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy, well done, your creation is exactly what we needed!

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