Snapchat Discover: To Update or Not To Update?

I’m sure most of you have heard of the new Snapchat feature Discover, and as most normal/sane people you most probably have a fear of unknown app updates and dread the prospect of having to upgrade a seemingly perfect application to an unknown and possibly horrendous update. So to simplify the process of deciding whether to upgrade or not to upgrade, I took it upon myself to sacrifice my current state of Snapchat bliss and venture forth into the unknown, and let me tell you I almost backed out at the last minute! To help you decide if this upgrade is for you or not, I’m sharing what rocks about this upgrade and what sucks, but first let’s take a selfie! Uh-oh I mean let’s watch a video!!! A video that explains Snapchat Discover 🙂
As you can see from the video, Snapchat has plunged into the mobile news business whereby editors from several media companies decide what is important to share and highlight. This is unlike what usually happens on social media platforms, where content with the highest rates of engagement is highlighted and promoted vs. important and interesting content. In case you’re wondering you will have daily updates that consist of videos, photos and text from the following channels: CNN, MTV, Cosmopolitan, The Daily Mail, The Food Network, Vice, National Geographic, Yahoo! News, Fusion, People Magazine and Bleacher Report. The shared content expires within 24 hours and the channels change based on your geographical location, for example people in the USA have access to ESPN and Comedy Central. As far as I’m concerned, Discover is an awesome addition to the Snapchat family that allows you to stay up-to-date and in the loop with what’s happening around the world. However, Discover is not the only change that comes with this upgrade. Read on to learn more! Reasons This Upgrade Rocks:
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  • Mini Ghost on the Camera Screen!
By clicking on the mini ghost found on the main camera page, users get access to the settings, contacts list, the add friends button, and a list of pending add requests along with your user name and score.
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  • Everyone Gets Their Own Personal QR Coded Ghost!
Notice anything extra? Like a large ghost in the middle of the screen? Introducing the new easy and fun way to add friends! Just point your camera at a fellow Snapchatter’s QR Coded Ghost and tap the screen and Ta-da! They are added! Reasons This Upgrade Sucks:
  • No More Best Friends:
The reign of Snapchat snooping is over! Best friends are no longer displayed when clicking on a user’s name… I am aware that this can be seen as a good thing by users who are “hiding a little something something”, but for the rest of us “curious” people this means the loss of an endless source of gossip. Oh well what can you do, right? Now that you are no longer clueless regarding this update, I leave you with these final words of wisdom dear Snapchatters; Upgrade and update while the going is still good! After all, you never know if the people at Snapchat will ruin this gem with a horrible update next time around…
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