Snapchat Doodles

We’ve all heard about the cool things you can do with Snapchat, like adding multiple filters and more text, but some creative users have been showing us recently the full range of its true capabilities. Now the fleeting pictorials have been taken to a whole new level.

As @geeohsnap writes “most of my snaps are created on the way to work or on the bus. I often sketch ideas or funny situations in Snapchat before choosing the one I like best. I really enjoy creating these Snaps because I have to think really different. I also love the simplicity of Snapchat. My (other) reason for creating these snaps is about bringing smiles to people.”

Using just the painting toolbar they have turned regular photos of friends and family into humorous works of art and subsequently people have been sharing the outcomes via Instagram, Pintrest, and Facebook. This goes to show a single posting will travel over multiple social media channels regardless of the original posting site.

Recently Mashable Channel held a doodling competition among It’s followers to submit some of their favorite Snaps and the results were astonishing and wide ranging. Pictures of drawn on prison stripes to create a jail uniform look, bears hugging people, well known iconic characters and many more. This goes to show that snapchat has evolved from simply posting pictures with emojis.

To start playing around with your own new ideas, try manipulating the color palette beyond the giving colors like darker shades and black. Simply click on the crayon button, hold over a color of your choice and while holding slide your finger left towards the center of the screen and then towards the bottom of the screen. The color will darken as you go.

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