Snapping For a Cause: Did You Wear Yellow For Seth?

I think by now, it is safe to admit that people mostly use the ever-so-entertaining Snapchat to document their mundane lives, to share an endless stream of selfies or to showoff just howmuch more fun and fabulous their lives really are! (Hey, I’m not hating – I’m just saying!). Wellon the 27th of March, Snapchat got a lot more interesting and, honestly, real. Here I was going through the snaps on my recent updates list, admiring how people are spending their Fridaysand wondering what I should do with mine, when I come across the “Live” section – you knowthat section that usually shares crazy top-of-your-wish-list type of live events from around theworld – and let me tell you, a little bit of yellow caught my attention!
On the 27th of March the #WearYellowForSeth campaign was launched for the second time onFacebook, Twitter, Instagram and for the 1st time on Snapchat to raise awareness of a raredisease known as Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (SCID, or ‘bubble baby disease’) and to support Seth, a 5 year old born with SCID (meaning that he has no immune system). Originally the campaign was launched in November 2010 on the day of his first bone marrow transplant, 4years later Seth needs another transplant :’(
What is #WearYellowForSeth?
It all started when Seth launched a YouTube video asking viewers to wear yellow (his favoritecolor) on the day of his transplant operation to show their support and share it on the hashtag, he went on to explain that his parents would show him each picture shared and would print some off to hang in his recovery room <3  Let’s just say that the video was a much bigger success than originally expected! Over 20 million views – God bless your little heart Seth!
All in all, the campaign was a major success with people from all over the world participating onall 4 SM platforms, spreading awareness on SCID and supporting the little man in more waysthan one! Since the YouTube video announcement, over £29,000 were fund raised to help Sethand his family cope during these hard times – praying for your fast recovery little Seth!
This isn’t the first time a campaign succeeds on a social media platform, however it is the firsttime Snapchat features a live event for a cause. Snapchat reported that over 26 million peoplefrom around the world viewed Seth’s story within two days. Is this the beginning of a newtrend? Should we expect more of these events in the future? I sure do hope so! The success ofthis campaign shows how powerful social media can be and how amazing we, the human race,really are! Below is a selection of my favorite #WearYellowForSeth snaps, hope you enjoy them as muchas I did! Click here to learn more about Seth and the campaign.
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