Social Media And The Workplace

Did you know that 75.4 percent of brands now use social media for business purposes, and four out of ten have been doing so for more than two years?
Platforms such as Twitter and Facebook have revolutionised marketing, sales and community engagement for the vast majority of brands, but what about within the workplace itself – are businesses practicing what they preach by letting employees use social media in the office?

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Increasingly, yes. More than half (52.1 percent) of firms now let all of their employees access social media sites at work, with only a little more than one quarter (26.4 percent) actively blocking access to these channels. And while almost two-thirds (64.2 percent) don’t monitor the use of Twitter and Facebook in the office, 68.9 percent do have a social media policy in place.
This infographic takes a closer look at social media in the workplace.

social media and the workplace thesocialclinic the social clinic

Reference: MediabistroSocial media image via Shutterstock | Infographic brought to you by Unum Employee Benefits

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