Social Media for Social Good Pt. 2

How to actually do good!
My last blog talked about global and local social media initiatives for social good and I’m hoping that it got you excited and inspired enough to adopt a social good initiative yourself during the upcoming year. So as promised, I’m giving you some insight into how to use social media for social good 🙂


  • Not everyone is interested.
Let’s face it, not everyone is interested in helping out others so don’t waste your time and effort on people who are not interested and instead focus on the people who are your prime audience. I know that many people in the field will disagree with me for saying this but sometimes you need to treat your charitable cause as a business! What I mean by this is that you need to market it like a business. Know who your target audience are and which social media platforms they prefer. Once you figure these two things out, you will need to start speaking to them in their own language. For example making an appeal to seniors on Facebook is quite different from making an appeal to young professionals on LinkedIn.


  • People need to believe in your cause to donate.
Well that’s kind of obvious but how do you get people on board and ready to donate? This is especially difficult for smaller charities that are trying to reach out to a worldwide audience. But guess what? Social media is the perfect tool to use to get the word out about your cause AND convince people to part with their money. Seriously, think about it! People need proof to believe and what better proof than pictures that show you first hand where your money is going? Or a video depicting goodness-in-action? Use social media tools to rally the people, make them fall in love with and adopt your cause as their own! Facebook, Twitter or Instagram can be and should be your best friends in this case.


  • Be approachable and be talkative.
The whole point of social media is 2 way conversation, so don’t you dare shy away from it! If people have questions for you, answer them but don’t let this be the whole of your “2 way conversation”. There is no harm in initiating a conversation between your NPO and its supporters, between supporters themselves or even between your NPO and another NPO, the more the merrier! What should you talk about you ask? The work you do would be a good start! Where the money goes, what kind of impact you have on society, etc., that’s what people care about. Also sharing your knowledge and proving your credibility through informative pieces of knowledge (similar to what we, at TSC, are doing with this blog) is a good idea.


  • Gather Advocates
Lastly, I leave you with this golden piece of advice “Gather Advocates”. Bloggers, supporters, fans and followers can sometimes tell your story better than you can and can add a sense of authenticity, relatability and authority that you, as an NPO, never can. So where and how can you find these advocates? Start off by taking a look at your current supporters, donors and volunteers. Does anyone stand out? Do you have an amazing volunteer who is always there to help? Do you have a notable person as a donor? If yes, approach them on social media and ask them to share/like your page and mention it on their social media. Everyone uses social media these days and will be more than happy to become your advocate if they truly are passionate about your NPO and the work you do!
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