Social Media Has Opened Our Appetite

When was the last time you ordered food just for the sake of enjoying it? Or did you ever just get wondering If you supposed to eat your food or take its picture first? It Might be difficult for some of us to have a snack without placing it in perfect composition for a quick snapshot.


pic2Now a day a lot of restaurants in KSA have accounts on Instagram and they are sharing their food and dishes photos with the followers, we can find some other restaurants that took its fame in a creative way from the social media as F6or Faris, that uses a hashtag icon on its logo which attract a lot of followers and encourage them to share their opinions and experiences in the hashtag#فطور_فارس pic7
Instagram has helped many restaurants reach their customers and hear their opinions and experiences in a simple and unique way, I believe a picture is worth a thousand words and that has been proven by Instagram.
pic3When Instagram shutdown months ago we saw countless thwarted instagrammers started to tweet out their feelings and it did not take long for #instagramnotworking to become a trending topic on twitter, and for a hilarious picture of our unhealthy relationship with social media to emerge.
Some say that using social media especially Instagram could increase obesity, which already is a problem on KSA that ranks 29 on a 2007 list of fattest countries with a percentage of 68.3% of its citizens being overweight.
pic9On the contrary, sharing our healthy eating habits can lead your devoted food followers down the right path by choosing to post healthy options for example @healthyfoodway and #ميزان that encourage people to live a healthy lifestyle with their food recipes and healthy habits.

Areej Alhamedi – The Social Clinic

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