Spectacles by Snap

No wonder Snapchat is everyone’s’ favorite social media platform; they never fail to surprise us with more out comings. Snapchat surprises the world with the release of their first hardware product “Spectacles”, sunglasses made to record video snippets and save them to your Snapchat memories.  The glasses contain an exterior camera with 115-degree lens meant to be similar to human vision. image-1 image-2 These fine pieces of equipment can record up to 30 seconds of videos at once.  I’m sure you are all wondering on how they work, you simply tap a button located on the top- left corner of the sunglasses to enable recording. They automatically stop after 10 seconds but you can have additional seconds by tapping the button again.

What we know about the product, is that they record circular videos meaning it’s a wide screen video for all devices. The sunglasses are not only attractively looking with several colors, you can also charge them in their own case. Their cases can charge your Spectacles up to four times before you need to plug them back through a cable. image-3 Spectacles will be launched in the market soon according to many resources. They will be produced in 3 colors black, teal and coral in limited quantities at first for the trial period.

The other great news is that they will be sold for 129.99 $ which is quite reasonable for the fun they provide.

If Spectacles turned out to be a success, they might just be the new product trend of the future. We can finally have a phoneless recorded moment and even get the opportunity to share it through our social media channels. Snap chat obviously aims to enhance social sharing on wearable tech and if Spectacles prove that, then this might be a new revolution and challenge for all other businesses.

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