The 2015 Miss Universe Fail

Social media has been barged with Steve Harvey’s incorrect announcement on the Miss Universe pageant. For those who didn’t get the chance to watch the show, Steve Harvey was the host on the Miss Universe pageant. When the time came to announce the winner, he mistakenly said the wrong name. Miss Columbia was crowned instead of Miss Philippines. Unfortunately, Miss Columbia didn’t enjoy the crown for too long, Steve Harvey had to announce his regrets and crown Miss Philippines instead. Steve Harvey’s regret and embarrassment was magnified on all social media channels for days.


I bet it wasn’t an easy night for Steve and social media didn’t make it any easier for the incident to pass. Users took the chance to have fun, criticize and express their opinion of how the night should have been handled.

The Miss Universe pageant 2015 will be remembered as one of the most unforgettable nights in history. “Steve Harvey had only one job to do” was the famous recurring pun that spread all over social media channels. The social media trend gave the audience the coverage they needed. This incident reflected the fact that social media makes news travel in seconds, these pageants lost their spark over the years and this incident was just the right solution for it to get back on track. This opportunity gave media recognition to a couple of figures including Miss Columbia, so hopefully she can benefit out of the whole situation. Finally, this situation shows you how social media is not only a platform for business and fun but also a platform that can influence popular trends and spread word of mouth.

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