The Best Twitter Tutorial Videos; Part 1

It is no mystery that visual content is the number one content in social media, it is the type of content that people and users relate to, connect with, and has most impact in a users social media activity. Although one could argue which type of visual content comes first, photos or videos, it is also no mystery that Saudi Arabia relates to videos like no other country. Saudi Arabia has the highest number of video viewership in the world with more than 90 million videos viewed daily from KSA, as stated in one of our researches earlier this year.
One of the highest global increase penetration rates in the world on Twitter is also in Saudi Arabia being 3,000% vs. the 300% global average. For our post today, we have chosen to share with you 5 out of an overall 10 video Twitter tutorials available online, the next 5 will follow up in a later blog post.
Some of those videos are very old, others are brand new, but what is unique about this combination is the fact that holistically, the old videos still do apply. Twitter’s user interface has evolved massively during the last 6 years, its identity has been uplifted, the user experience has been enhanced, and this was clearly reflected on its on-growing user base, but what Twitter really stands for hasn’t differed at all and the below videos are proof, enjoy!


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