The Complete History Of Social Media

How did we get here?
Where did the concept of Facebook likes really come from, and why have images become irreplaceably crucial in marketing? How did we get from Johannes Gutenberg’s printing press and metal movable type in 1450 to the mobile ads of today?
Avalaunch Media just released an interactive look into the history of social media. And it’s pretty fascinating.
The microsite lets you choose between three eras of media: BC-1800s, 1900s, 2000s-present. Then you can drill down further into individual years.

the complete history of social media the social clinic thesocialclinic

It would be cool if the detail on each year on the dial was interactive to boot, say letting users see snapshots of what each platform looked like at that time. But it’s still a great project.
Plus, the interactive infographic is presented by Eddy the Yeti, Avalaunch’s adorable brand mascot. So there’s that.
Check it out for yourself right here.
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