The First 10 Instagram Videos Posted By Brands

What a week we are having for Instagram!! Last weekend Facebook made a big announcement: Instagram now supports video!
With a simple app update, Android et iOS users can now share videos on Instagram. Here’s a rundown of the main features, as shown by Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom:
  • iOS and Android
  • 15 second video
  • 13 custom filter
  • Cover frame choice (you get to pick the frame that will represent your video when it’s not playing)
  • Cinema (a technology allowing to stabilize shaky videos after filming)
Right after the announcement, brands were already sharing beautiful filtered videos.
Here are the 10 first brands we saw share a video on Instagram (click on the images to watch them):
Sports Illustrated @sportsillustrated
The very first one we saw pop on our feed. Impressive reactivity from Sports Illustrated!
Ben & Jerry’s @benandjerrys
Taco Bell @tacobell
Urban Outfitters @urbanoutfitters
Asos @asos
Man Repeller @manrepeller
ShopJeen @shopjeen
Banana Republic @bananarepublic
Quiksilver @quiksilver
Soda Stream @sodastreamusa
It’s just the beginning. By the time you read this article, a lot more videos would have been posted to Instagram. What is your favorite Brand Instagram Video so far? Share it with us in the comments section.
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