The Internet Challenge Trends

Through the heart of social media lies the experience of a shared collective humanity. It is a living digital museum of connection and community. We log in to share and record our lives. In part to create a form of continuous dialog. And if that dialog had a common language it would be the viral picture and video. Wither you’re talking about Don’t judge challenge, The Harlem Shake, Cinnamon Challenge, The Ice Bucket Challenge, planking, or the newest among them The Mannequin Challenge, and list keeps growing. These all get passed down the line of social media though young and old, and all walks of life. Proof positive that some underlying thread exists between us all. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and understanding then viral videos and photo challenges are the pinnacle of this.

Everyone gets involved no matter what the inspirational motive or number of participants. And grouped together as a whole these can be viewed in part as an endearing look at our basic need to be part of something deeper that plays out on a world stage. These trends are fun, raise awareness, rally strength and are so simplistically designed physically that anybody and everybody can take part on a level playing field with only moments of time given to strengthen the whole. In size look at the growing number of groups involved. The Mannequin Challenge has a record setting level of ever growing involvement that rivals even the most popular ones to date. Could you imagine if a challenge was so exponentially vast that at one point every capable man, woman and child agreed to do a coordinated one. For everyone for a few moments took time to come together as a world community a do one for the all time record books.

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