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We have reached a point where even the high-end luxury brands have felt the need to provide our technologically-advanced world with a customized Emoji collection. Versace, the glamorous symbol of Italian luxury, has announced that their own Emoji App has been launched. The international fashion house has taken Instagram as a means to debut their bedazzled emoji collection.

Visual#1 Versace

Donatella Versace has conquered the fashion world and has moved onto the emoji one. The collection is inspired on an alternative take on the iconic Medusa,Versace Greek Key, hashtags and the letters of VERSACE. Donatella says, “I love how the new Versace Emoji app lets everyone in the world express themselves and share their feelings. I can’t wait to begin creating with it.”

In addition to the emoji collection, the app is more of a picture editing programme, where is allows its users to amplify their selfies or create images through stickers, backgrounds and filters. Making it  a Versace-friendly world!

So why has Versace decided to branch out of an industry that is unrelated to the one it has already mastered? Why has Mentos created “ementicons” and why has Coca-Cola launched Cokemoji’s? And why have hundred of brands such as Dove, Victoria’s Secret, Taco Bell, Burger King decided to emojify themselves? Well, the answer is simple, its the fastest and most effective method to reach to the millennials.

More than 250 brands created their own emoji keyboards in 2015, but eventually, many of them faded and lost their shine. Emojis were created as a fun texting way, but ever since it has become very corporate and labelled with a number of brands, it started to seem forced. Thus new and fresh implementation methods are required. Versace has added that special feature to their app to make it more inviting for users to share and communicate. Other brands such as Domino’s Pizza, where it allowed customers to order through tweeting out a pizza slice emoji, GE incorporated emojis to become part of science experiments as a part of its #EmojiScience campaign, while Dove created their curly-haired emoji collection that was part of the “Love Your Curls” campaign.

Visual#2 Dove

Emojis are seen as a universal language of communication, and with more than 2 billion smartphone users worldwide, this marketing plan will prove to be as effective as ever. All brands are using Emojis as a step into the digital trending world that would most likely last longer than any other industry since it is being updated on a regular basis.

Until then, we’ll just sit and enjoy the new emoji collections that are being launched at the comfort of our fingertips.

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