The New Facebook Insights

Facebook’s insights have never been visually exciting. When describing social analytics to the everyday person, the excitement we get is hard to explain as they only see numbers, posts, and other social jargon that mean nothing to them.  Facebook has lacked a visually stimulating analytic platform that really shows what is working and what needs improving on your specific page…until now.
Since the launch of the NEW Facebook Insights, we think the analytic space is going to change. You now have 4 categories your page’s analytics are sectioned off in:
1. Overview – This is the general view of your entire page’s health – including variables such asPage LikesPost ReachEngagement, and Most Recent Posts.  It offers a great quick look on what’s working and what’s not.

New Facebook Insights 1

2. Page – This section dives deep into your page’s LikesWhere Your Page Likes Came From,Net Likes: What Changed and gives you a choice of different reporting time increments from one week to one quarter. We love the visuals on this page and that you can really understand and dive in.

New Facebook Insights 2

3. Posts – The posts section is really our favorite as we are huge advocates for Promoted Posts. It lays out for you All PostsWhen Your Fans Are Online, and Best Post Types.  Now you can really see what content of yours works the best and where you need to improve.

New Facebook Insights 3

4. People – If you want to know demographics such as Age & Gender you can compare demographics of people who like your page with the demographics of Facebook’s total population.  With Geography & Language, it calculates the estimated location of people who like your page and their default language setting. It’s a great tool to see the exact people you should be targeting.

New Facebook Insights 4

In conclusion, the new Facebook insights are actually fun to look at and play around with. As social media strategists, one of our biggest hurdles is always trying to explain to a client the value of social media, and we think this is the biggest gift Facebook has given us social media mavens in a long time, especially since it’s FREE.  Now our clients can actually see for themselves what’s working and what’s not. Of course, we’ll always provide our famous weekly & monthly reports, but if they want to see a quick overview, it’s simplistic enough for anyone to understand.
So did you prefer the new Facebook analytics or the older? Let us know in the comments below.
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