The Pokémon Go Craze

Remember the scene from The Walking Dead where people start running and you don’t know what’s going on? Even if you never watched the show, I’m sure you got the message. Well, welcome to our world where instead of running from monsters, people are actually trying to catch them. Oh yes, I am talking about the new game craze, Pokémon Go.

Pokemon Go

People are going insane over this game, going wherever to catch Pokémons but let’s talk about what’s actually happening during the hunt. Wandering around the streets while holding your phone, collecting all those Pokémons might be all fun and games until you actually stumble upon a dead body. 19-year-old, Shayla Wiggins, found a floating dead body in the river and I quote “As I looked one way, I noticed that there was something in the water in front of me and so I took a closer look and saw it was a body.”

On another bizarre note, Timmy Richards, a 15-year-old teen stabbed his little brother to death after thinking that his brother deleted his Pokémon account. The medical examiner at the scene was surprised at this tragic accident saying “not only because the kid murdered his own brother, but because he thought he deleted his Pokémon. We later found out the kid had nothing but Ratatta’s and Pidgey’s. I would have understood if he had a Dragonite or Gyarados or something like that, but Jesus Christ, for a miserable Ratatta? As a matter of fact, I even caught a Ratatta at the scene”.

On a serious note though, people should stop blaming the game for accidents and take responsibility for their reckless actions instead. Yes, this game is addicted due to its form of nature, but it should not interfere with peoples’ reality. Pokémon Go is an augmented reality game that is only meant for entertainment purposes, a game just like any other game and people should treat it as such.

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