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Social Media has become a big part of our life and businesses are getting used to the idea that the power now is in the consumers’ hands. They not only control content or reviews, but they also control brand reputations. One thing we are all not used to yet, or ever will be for that matter, is the ongoing branding changes on social media. In the first quarter of 2013, each respected social network did a minimum change to its branding. Google’s social networks, YouTube & Google Plus had severe user interface changes, Pinterest changed nearly how everything looks from boards, to pins, and still is changing, Facebook introduced the new timeline, and now rolling the newsfeed, and Twitter & Instagram had branding changes here and there to their web interface.

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To make it easy on everyone, we have teamed up with our sister company The Loft once again to bring you a power infographic, The Social Media Cheat Sheet! It is self-explanatory really, hoping that it will make your life easier next time you want to upload the promotional cover photo, or you want to set a new product on LinkedIn.
To make it even better, we will keep updating this infographic whenever a social network performs changes to its interface, so basically we will be updating it monthly, enjoy!

Social Media Cheat Sheet | The Social Clinic

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