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There has been many infographics released over the passed few months about social media in the Middle East, some have tapped into all social networks at large and others have taken one single social network and presented the audience with the usual; number of users, gender segmentation, age group difference etc… There hasn’t been in fact one infographic that not only took Saudi Arabia as one case study, but also not one infographic really showed us the state of social media in Saudi Arabia. We thought that this, needed information, is the right way to launch 2013, and moreover launch our new website and blog.
We teamed up with The Loft, a local Saudi creative hub, to design & develop what we call “The State of Social Media in Saudi Arabia 2012″. When researching, we had the following 3 objectives:
  1. Share the latest statistics of social media use in KSA
  2. Tap into never before shared information
  3. Present the findings in a way to showcase the phenomenal growth rate of social media in Saudi Arabia
And that is exactly what we did.
With over 6 million active Facebook users, Saudi Arabia has the highest Facebook user rate in the region, and by region we mean the GCC countries.

facebook logo the social clinic thesocialclinic

With Rotana, Al Marai, STC, Nas Air & Mobily leading the charts in terms of most number of fans on a Facebook brand page, Facebook’s use in Saudi Arabia is 90% Arabic, 8% English and 2% the other languages.
But the most shocking 2 facts of all, is that Facebook, not only has 2 of its 6 million users using Facebook strictly via mobile devices, Facebook.com, which is Facebook’s website, is the 3rd most visited website on Saudi Arabian soil.
With more than 3 million active Twitter users, Saudi Arabia leads not only the GCC or the Middle East, but better yet, leads the world in its growth rate. While the global average is 300% growth year-on-year,

twitter logo bird the social clinic thesocialclinic

Saudi Arabia grew more than 3,000% from 2011 to 2012, and currently accounts to 50,000,000 tweets per month.
Saudi Arabia has not been selfish either, with most of the tweets being in Arabic, Saudi Arabia accounts for 30% of the global tweets tweeted in Arabic, placing Arabic at the top of the pyramid of the fastest growing languages on Twitter, yes Arabic is the fastest growing language on Twitter. Twitter.com, Twitter’s website is currently the 6th most visited website in Saudi Arabia.
The idea may not come as a shock to many, but the number itself certainly came as a shock to us.

youtube logo the social clinic thesocialclinic

More than 90,000,000 videos are watched daily on Youtube on Saudi Arabian soil, that’s more than any daily Youtube video viewership number world wide!
Youtube’s growth rate grew more than 109% from 2011 to 2012 and the growth and importance of Youtube to KSA residents isn’t a shocker when you have 4 out of the Top 5 KSA Youtube channels barely 3 years old and with mor than 383 million views combined!
LinkedIn’s social media findings we gathered in our research may not turn heads this much, but in comparison with the MENA region, they surely do. With over 840,000 active LinkedIn users, Saudi Arabia once again leads by example. The adoption rate for LinkedIn in KSA is remarkable when you know that LinkedIn has almost 5.9 million users in the MENA region. It’s true that KSA comes second, after UAE, in LinkedIn, but still, 15% of the entire MENA usage comes from Saudi Arabia alone is a milestone by itself.linkedin logo the social clinic thesocialclinic
Obviously this is just the beginning of Social Media adoption in Saudi Arabia and we promise our readers to keep them updated with the latest social media researches, statistics, and case studies from around the world, the region and definitely Saudi Arabia right here on our blog.
Thanks to The Loft for designing this custom made, first of its kind, infographic and definitely to our research team for taking the time off to put this audit together in one piece in one place.


final infographic-english-digital-the social clinic - thesocialclinic

Click here to see the infographic in Arabic
اضغط هنا لقراءة الرسم البياني في اللغة العربية

For more information, whether more detailed findings or sources, kindly contact The Social Clinic’s research team at research@thesocialclinic.com

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