The Word of the Year 2015, is Not a Word!

A lingua franca, or a common global language, has been a dream of humanity for ages. However, never did anyone expect that technology would bring us to speak a common language one day, until Oxford Dictionaries announced the word of the year for 2015 to be: 1

(aka A Face with Tears of Joy)

The Oxford Dictionaries Word of the year is traditionally picked as the word or phrase that has become prominent within a particular year.


The internet went viral on social media after the announcement was made on 17th November, specially on the Twitter hashtag #OxfordWOTY. The posts varied from shocked to annoyed, and even sarcastic.


Nonetheless, those who seem to have made the most out of it are companies like Kleenex who seized it well:


Why Emojis?

For the last few years we have been witnessing an increase in exchanging emojis as a means of communication; they have evolved into a universal language on their own. The special thing about emojis is that they have taken expressing to a new level. Using one or a few can save your time, while delivering what you intend to say just fine.

Emojis can also be of great help if you’re in a situation where you can’t type a lot, and most importantly, they add the right tone of voice to your messages.


Are we doing it right?

Some, including myself, might argue that we should not encourage the use of emojis, particularly because we live in the age of instant messaging and texting, most of times we end up loosening proper grammar usage; therefore, lacking good writing skills.

But if an emoji has made it to the top list of most used words, I think we are not left with much to argue with, except that texting and grammar don’t have to contradict, and it is up to us to maintain coping with technology trends and good grammar.

To conclude, Oxford had made a shortlist of the most used words in 2015, and it did contain actual words. Yet, it seems that we are entering an era of a new form of hieroglyphs indeed.

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