Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts

Are you a heavy Twitter user? Do you use Twitter on your smartphone more than 50% of the time (just like most Twitter users)? But when you do revert to, do you easily navigate throughout the website? Don’t you wish there was an easier way, a faster way, a more logical way to post a tweet, to send a direct message (DM), to search for another user, to retweet, reply and favor a tweet, all as easy as Twitter on a smartphone? You are in luck because today we are uncovering for your Twitter’s hidden keyboard shortcuts!
Did you know that anywhere in Twitter, if you click the letter “N”, a new tweet box opens up ready for your 140 characters? Did you know that clicking “G” followed by “U” opens up a box dedic
ated to searching for users? Did you that “F” favors, “R” replies, and “T” retweets a tweet? Just like “N” is for new tweets, “M” is for to start drafting a new DM, direct message. What if you wanted to check out all your direct messages? All you have to do is click “G” followed by “M”.
All these keyboard shortcuts and more, you find them in the below infographic.


twitter-keyboard-shortcuts thesocialclinic the social clinic



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