Twitter Reducing Character Limit to 117 & 118

If a limit of 140 characters per tweet wasn’t difficult enough, some of us might have to get used to being even more succinct. As of last Wednesday February 27th, Twitter has reduced the limit of characters to 118 for tweets sent with a URL and 117 for tweets sent with an https link. This is going to be an important change for marketers to take note of because it could affect any scheduled tweets you created prior to these new limits.
twitter reduces numbner of characters
To be a bit more technical, Twitter states that the reduction is due to a change in their link wrapper and how its extends the maximum length of links by two characters. Not that the logistics behind this really matter much to marketers — it’s just important to know that you should jump back into your scheduled tweets to make sure they comply with these new limits.
What do you think? Do 2 less characters count? Will you be able to cope with the new change? Let us know below!
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