Twitter's Long Awaited Timeline is Here!

You may follow thousands of people on Twitter yet whenever you’re on your Timeline it may seem as if you have missed some of the juiciest and most important tweets. What I’m going to share with you today is certainly exciting!

As of February 10, 2016 Twitter had announced a new timeline feature that will help you follow up easily with those interesting and important tweets of those whom you follow. In other words, you will NEVER have to miss another important tweet! (I told you it was exciting!)

The new Twitter timeline feature is assorted based on relevancy, rather than chronology. Now with that being said let’s get into how this whole thing works! For now, however the feature is not automatically activated but have no fear the procedure is incredibly easy, just make sure to follow the steps below for desktop and mobile activation of the service and you’re set for life!

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I can rest assure that you, I and the whole world will be creating more live commentary and more conversations than ever. Go ahead, give it a try now and I’m sure you WILL fall in love just like I did.

What do you think of the new Twitter timeline feature? Let us know your thoughts via the Twitter Poll below:

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