Two in One

Through the age of rapid technology development, some apps and social media platforms are being outshined by the more popular ones, leaving them unable to enter this competitive market. In order to further increase the use of some apps and widen the reach of others, mergers and acquisitions have been occurring to further enhance the users’ overall social media experience; much like Snapchat with Bitsrips and Instagram with Foursquare.

Being able to use two apps in one has been proven to be extremely popular amongst the public especially the millennials, where features were merged to produce a united front that the end user can solely enjoy. Snapchat’s latest app update has caused so much commotion that it crashed its servers and sent the app down as a result of the update’s unquestionable success.

Before the dramatic version update, Snapchat bought Toronto-based app Bitstrips for $100M without any clear intention. Snapchat was seemingly putting its purchase of the company to use when it was later revealed that the acquisition would benefit the app and make it appear more attractive to advertisers and users with its personalized emojis. Things were looking more promising for Snapchat ever since their introduction of stickers. Users were given more freedom in designing and decorating masterpieces for their 10 second snaps with doodles, Emojis, stickers and now, Bitmojis, the personalized avatar stickers.

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This acquisition was a win-win situation were the number of Bitstrips users increased and Snapchat was recognized on the map for potential advertisers and investors. Users are easily mesmerized with any idea of personalized elements, and the app cleverly capitalized on that fact by allowing users to create their own personalized Emojis with incredible resemblance to their real human faces. The update did not end there, if your friends have Bitmoji linked to their Snapchat, you would be able to ‘Friendmoji’ them, giving you access to a whole new emojified avatar stickers customized for both of your avatars.

Such an acquisition resulted in great performances that Snapchat and Bitstrips both could not have been able to achieve alone. Although most of the success was credited to Snapchat, it was only able to build on the quirky library of visual filters and lenses it already offered to the app’s 100 million daily users with the assistance and recognition of Bitstrips. It was a wise decision made from Snapchat as the integration helped its users further enjoy the app and drive the Bitstrip users to the same place as well.
Instead of having numerous Social Media apps, integrating a few together will further enhance the overall user experience in addition to varying the app’s features to resonate with wider target audiences. Bitsrips was not widely used up until the acquisition, and look at it now. Snapchat has positioned itself as an innovative Social Media app that does not follow the typical development of others, with Bitsrips, who knows where it will go next?

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