Vine Is The Fastest Growing App In The World

Using data from GlobalWebIndex, Statista tallied up the 10 fastest growing apps in the world, and Vine came out on top. Here’s how much growth Vine has seen since its launch in January 2013. With approximately 24 million users worldwide, Vine’s user base grew an incredible 403% between Q1 2013 and Q3 2013.

Vine-the fastest growing app in the world

Runners up were the recently revamped Flickr app and Instagram. Notice a theme here? Mobile photo and video apps were obviously the darlings of 2013.
The chart from Statista below displays the world’s 10 fastest growing apps since Q1 of this year:

Vine - fastest growing app in the world

Recently, Vine rolled out a huge update to its interface, which introduces two new features to the platform: Time Travel and Sessions.Time Travel is the most interesting, both for Vine as a network and marketing tool, as it allows users to edit videos for the first time. This can be done within a post as you’re shooting it, letting you remove, reorganize or replace any shot before you publish. Similarly enough, the Sessions feature lets you save posts and come back to work on them later – up to 10 posts can be saved at any one time.
In a statement released, Vine owner –Twitter –said: “Vine was built for one purpose: to make it easy for people to capture life in motion and share it with the world. That is the reason we built the Vine camera, and it’s why we continue to improve upon and build new tools for your creations, nurturing the balance between power and simplicity that you’ve come to expect from us. We think these features offer new ways for people to express themselves and their creativity. We hope you like them.”
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