Vine’s 3rd Birthday

Vine, the famous six-seconds video app, celebrated its 3rd birthday on Sunday 24th January, 2016.

As part of celebrating their third anniversary, the company unveiled a collection of the top viewed videos that made last year memorable.

The team was eager to celebrate the occasion, and they shared the collection two days earlier on Jan 22nd. Image 1 Unlike other platforms that measures their top watched videos by the number of views or likes, Vine does the math with the number of loops for each video. The top looped video of, not just the last year, but of all times, is shared from inside the Stade de France (the national stadium of France, located in Paris), where we can hear the moment Paris attacks took everyone by shock during a game, back in November 2015.

The Golden Globes award also had its share of viral moments; however, this time it’s also a Gaga moment. As Lady Gaga made her way to accept her award (for Best Actress – Miniseries or Television Film), she brushed past Leonardo DiCaprio, who was laughing at the moment, then made a scared face her. The clip was captured by Buzzfeed’s Chief Los Angeles Correspondent, Kate Aurthur.

It took Vine less than three years to become the core platform where many online trends begin, and extend to influence millions around the world. Hence, as an additional feature, it has announced introducing the first version of Vine Trends, where users will get to stay up-to-date with the popular trends happening on Vine, and get to know the story behind them.

The trends page will basically keep you scrolling down until you realize how crazy it is! Those trends include the famous “Dance like Drake” that has been going for months now,

Watch more here.

… and this “Army Duck” that seems to fit perfectly with literally anything and everything.

Watch more here.

As an expression of appreciation for users, a Vine blog post was shared on Friday in this regard, “Thank you for sharing your stories and entertaining us.” wrote the head of users’ experience, Jason Mantew, “This year was unforgettable.

Here’s to an even more memorable year 4.”

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