Warning: Your Facebook Fan Count Will Go Down!

Dear Facebook Page Admins, I’m sorry to inform you that the number of fans/likes your pagehas will go down…. But before you panic, let me explain! Facebook has recently announced that starting from the 12th of March, Facebook Pages mightsee a “small dip” in the number of Likes they have. The size of this dip will depend on twothings; the number of “memorialized” users and the number of “inactive” users the page has asfans. By inactive users I mean users who voluntarily de-activated their accounts, these users willonce again become fans of the page the moment they reactivate their accounts – To all of you who deactivate your accounts when things get “a bit too much”, no worries you won’t lose touch of your favorite pages once you’re ready to join the social world again    What does this REALY mean to Page Owners and Admins? Yes the number of Likes will go down, (in some pages it might go down by 1 or 2 fans while inothers it might be by the thousands), however admins will have more accurate data andinsights regarding the people who are actively following their page, allowing them to better hone in on their target audience and get to really know them. As far as I see it, this is similar to trimming the fat, after all nobody wants inactive fans anyway! P.S.  Dear Admins – Don’t fret too much, just monitor your pages in the upcoming days and share this articles with your bosses if your performance is based on the number of “likes” yourpage has – Good Luck!

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