What Type of Social Media User Are You?

Ah, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, where does it end? We love our social media accounts so much that they are part of our days. There’s no shame in admitting that you check all your accounts exactly before you go to bed and immediately after you open your eyes in the morning, I do that too! It’s the first thing that most of us think of, which person posted pictures of last night’s party? What did this person tweet on their way to work? To think of it, it’s actually pretty funny.

What’s even funnier is that we each have different views about these social media networks, and each of us deals with them differently. So which social media user are you? People who have similar social media habits are grouped together in this humorous way, where their activities are described.

So let us begin! Which category do you think you belong to the most?

1. The peacocks: These people are described as being first place in the popularity contest. They have the highest number of likes, comments, friends, and followers. They can also be called the social butterflies, where they show you how small the world truly is. You’ll find these people tagged in every picture with every person you know.

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2. The activists: The reason these people joined the social network is to share their opinions and views. They realize the power of social media and aim to use it to publicly display their perspective on certain issues. They focus on sharing informative posts about what they are passionate about. Their posts include quality content that voice their judgments with thoughtful and powerful social messages.

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3. The oversharers: Oh the oversharers, they share everything! Anything and everything! Things that they might not even admit out loud, but only behind the screens of their computers. They share life’s extremes, the highs and the lows, making sure that everyone knows everything. The dramatic roller-coaster is always on the go with these people, taking everyone as passengers along the way.

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4. The silent lurkers: These people act as they are called. They have no activity but only like, silently lurk, listen and judge people. They are always in monitoring mode, watching what others say and do.

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5. The family person: These people can be easily identified, they are the ones who constantly post pictures of their baby and children. She/he was motivated to join the social network to connect to family relatives and long time friends. Posts will always be about the funniest thing her child did or the cutest outfit her child was dressed in.

mother and baby with laptop

6. The Humble braggers: These people are not quite readable. They would occasionally post something so deep and mysterious that it would predictably have people question it, this person will then humbly begin to brag about their situation. This person may simultaneously be one of the people you enjoy having on your network and at the same time be the person you wish you could immediately unfriend. They’re unpredictable I tell you! They might ruin the finale of your favorite show and occasionally ruin the twist in this year’s hit movies. You’ll learn to live with these kind of people.

They will constantly check their feed and page to seek people’s attention and approval, best thing is, they admit to their addiction and are proud of it. They are good hearted people who do what they do in the defense of mere information sharing.

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7. The deniers: These people are stubborn, and deny their attachment to social media, they are convinced that they can stay hours without checking their feed and have no issue with it. Unfortunately, their hands might happen to be found logging in at certain times. They might even put on a show, to make sure that no one sees them online, so they simply dip and take a look at the feed for a limited time.

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8. The newbies: These people are the cutest, they take cautious steps towards social media, asking for people’s opinions before posting anything and double-checking their grammar and spelling on google. They will try to look for people to follow in their footsteps, with careful planning of each post to begin their public profiles.

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9. The nice people: These people have miraculously found the perfect balance to their social networking. They have carefully planned the use of their different social media accounts to seem friendly and likable. Not too much posting, not too little, sharing opinions, and avoiding internet fights. The have found the key to perfect social media accounts, they have excelled in it and are considered to be entertaining to have in the feed.

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Well? Did you find yourself fitting right through? You may not have all of the qualities that were mentioned about a certain category, but you do fit in their framework. Social media has given us something to smile about, and I’m pretty sure reading this gave you giggles while exposing what type of user you are! Have a good read and try to remember the things that you should start changing about your behavior.

So again, what type of social media user are you?

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