What’s The Difference Between Snapchat and Instagram?

Snapchat has been facing a fierce competition in the past few months from Facebook and Facebook-owned Instagram, and this competition is still ongoing.

As Facebook and Instagram have already adapted many features of Snapchat, the company led another strike against Snapchat with the newly released Instagram updates. The updates, which are similar to Snapchat’s features, are disappearing Direct Instagram Messages and Live Video Story.

These disappearing Direct Instagram Messages are pretty the same of how messages on Snapchat work; however, the major difference is that users must play the message twice before it disappears. This disappearing Direct Instagram Messages update bring forward a much-needed transformation, where people have the chance now to communicate with a more confident approach to things being assured that these direct messages have high privacy levels.

Whereas the Live Instagram Video is in fact part of its Stories feature which was inspired by Snapchat. Instagram’s Live Video feature let you share live video with your people. However, it comes with a twist. Unlike many of the live streaming videos that let people replay the video once its over, Instagram Live videos will disappear as soon as the video ends. This adds a whole new ‘watch it or miss it’ element of surprise and excitement to the videos.

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