When a Snap Story becomes a modern day Love Story

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. ” (The Alchemist)

The story that I am about to tell you is a modern day example of how true Paulo Coelho’s words still are. When Coelho must have penned down these words, he couldn’t have imagined his words would become so relatable to the struggles of a Vikings fan and a Mystery girl from University of Madison, several decades after being written.

It all started when an anonymous female student (later dubbed “Mystery Girl”) from University of Madison spotted a handsome Vikings fan on her University’s Snap Story and decided to try to track him down. This is the story of how all the universe conspired in helping her achieve what she wanted.

She uploaded a video to the snap story saying: “Guy wearing the Vikings jersey on the UW snap story, I’m seriously in love with you. Find me.”

Mystery Girl

The guy, now known as “Vikings Fan,” responded with a time and place for the two to meet up, but Mystery Girl didn’t see the snap. Oh snap! In a second video, he said: “To the girl from the Memorial Library. It looks like they took down my first snap but that’s OK. Maybe if it’s fate they’ll post this one. Meet me here.”

Vikings Fan

But fate as we know is mostly cruel with lovers, which is why Mystery Girl didn’t see the story on time, and later replied: “Sorry I didn’t know you’d replied to my video so I missed the 8.30 at the Discovery Centre. But if it’s fate I’ll see you out tonight.”

Now at this point, the Vikings Fan could have easily gone out to meet the Mystery Girl but he decided to put his studies before his potential love life. He replied: “I’ve got a project to finish up here but I can probably make it out later for a drink, let me know when and where.”


At this point, the Snapchat Universe began to take notice and started rooting for the two potential sweethearts. Hundreds of other students chimed in, egging them on and offering words of encouragement. The “will they, won’t they” tension started building up and their new followers were desperate to get them together. Some taunted the Vikings Fan for choosing his studies over a chick while others went down to the Discovery Centre to wait for the Mystery Girl. Support for the potential couple started pouring in from over Snapchat and Twitter. Students were eager to see if the two would ever meet up in person. Snapchat even created a “HELP VIKINGSFAN FIND MYSTERY GIRL” geofilter.

Helping Vikings Fan

Helping Vikings Fan 2

Follower support

Things began to look up when Vikings Fan revealed he was heading out to the bar and his dedicated followers revealed that the Mystery girl was at the KK. The tension mounted as the Mystery Girl then posted a video saying: “I’m outside the KK. Vikings Fan if you see this, come find me.”

I am at KK

And then, it finally happened. The moment everyone had been waiting for: they found each other! Vikings Fan posted a picture from the club with his Mystery Girl and wrote: “I found her!!!!!!” Everyone was ecstatic after witnessing this series of missed connections via Snapchat that turned out to have a happy ending. One user commented, “I just woke up for class and found out that they found each other and it was better than any dream I could possibly have.”

They met

I found her

Don’t you just love happy endings?

It turns out that after meeting, the pair exchanged phone numbers and Reed (the Vikings Fan obviously has a name, guys) walked Abby (his Mystery Girl) home.

According to New York Magazine, the two have spent ‘every day-ish together’ since meeting, but are ‘definitely not dating’. “With finals nearing, things have gotten busier for the two 22-year-old college seniors, but they’re hoping they can get to know each other better once exams are over” (The Dailymail, 2016). Nobody knows where their story will go once fall hits – Abby wants to move to Florida, while Reed has his eyes on medical school. Let’s just hope this snap story that turned into a viral love story can find its ‘happily ever after’.

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