White Savior Barbie

Social Media will keep on surprising us as it continues to take a larger part of our lives. A bunch of twenty-year-old girls decided to direct attention to a serious matter; they have created an account on Instagram and a character that is called “Savior Barbie”.


This character mocks the messiah complex of wealthy westerners who spend time travelling in the developing world. These girls have experienced many real life examples of the category of people they are mocking while they were on their trips to help people in need.

The smart thing about this is that they have created a character and related it to Barbie. A typical model of perfection and fake attitude.

What was really impressive is the way that they displayed the information and delivered their point in a sarcastic yet true visual language.

The account “Savior Barbie” portrays the typical scenarios of the millennial generation pretending to help out with orphans, working hard and of course taking selfies to make sure they convince others that they are the nicest people alive.


The girls were keen on delivering this message but were actually victims of imitating similar behavior. They decided to shine a light on this type of behavior through social media. Unfortunately, Barbie is quickly becoming the example by which white millennials portray their own self-loathing.

People tend to make their volunteer work all about them. They may even take it to another level by starting their own charitable cause in order to build an image, but end up leaving it to rut and traumatizing children after emotional attachments.


The account has been running for almost 6 weeks now, it already has 67,623 followers. Let’s be inspired by reaching our target audience through a medium that truly inspires them to make a difference.

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