Who makes Saudis laugh on Vine?

It is said that the new age of social media had made everyone a journalist in their own right. But that’s not everything it added to the social paradigm of Saudi Arabia. More than making them journalists; social media has unleashed the comedian in almost everyone. Be it through popular YouTube shows, localized broadcasts, hashtags, tweets and even short vids (Instagram, vine).
Today, in Saudi Arabia, everyone has a joke they want to share, be it original, local, or international. Ranging from stand up, practical, physical, political to even the raunchiest and most racist jokes. There’s a grain of truth in every joke!
Too funny for words
Vine is one interesting tool that social media had birthed. In mere 6 seconds you get to publish a message to the whole world. While recording through its in-app camera, the camera records only while the screen is being touched, enabling users to edit on the fly or create stop motion effects.
There are many theories on what makes someone or something funny, one thing for sure is that it’s subjective. Here is my top 5 local viners of the most popular one I believe you must see:
1. Abdullah Alqfari,
On the top of my list there is this guy and his friends. He makes regular sketches on point to the latest local events, he’s not afraid to get a little controversial or even inappropriate. At first sight he might seem like a cute chubby round faced kid, but you do not want to be the butt of his jokes.
This is how a usual conversation would go with his father:
He is a well-known viner but you would find more of his longer sketches on Instagram as well.
2. Amy Roko,
The one and only girl I could find out there, as conservative as you might think she is; this girl is like a ninja, fast, swift, and oh well she looks like one (I mean it the best way possible, I happen to think ninjas are cool). Amy exposes girl antics and problems while keeping it real.
Here though, she’s making fun of guys’ stereotypical poses:
3. Boody & Zooz,
The dynamic duo from the independent youtube channel “Saudi Reporters”. While I didn’t much like that show, but their vines are not to be missed. As they bring their own funny take on sibling rivalry, family jokes,
Here is what will happen to you if you got bitten by a cat:
Here’s the difference between how you’d wake up your dad vs. your brother:

4. Omar Hussain,
The well-known youtuber is on Vine! His vines aren’t always comical, but when he makes funny vines he usually collaborates with other viners or friends.
Here’s how it feels like to be ignored in class:

5. Muhastachè,
Not sure what his name means. But he has this vine that every student in this day and age can relate to:

What’s the latest funny local vine you’ve seen?
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