Will “BUY” Buttons Take Over?

We are spending most of our time on our mobiles, social media keeps on surprising us with many changes, and today all companies are scrambling to stay ahead of the game by adding new features to their platforms.

One of the latest noticeable trends is the new “buy” feature on advertisements. Several social media channels such as Pinterest and Facebook made it easier for users to purchase whatever they see with a click of a button without actually leaving the app itself. We imagine that all other social media platforms are not very far of fully integrating this feature, and some might even have already applied it.

The whole point is to turn social media networks into an easy and welcoming shopping experience. This is a smarter way of approaching the consumer’s wallet leading to more engagement and greater revenue for businesses.
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Even though buy buttons didn’t get an official launch, they still might have a strong impact on peoples’ decision in purchasing through smartphones. Most consumers complain about the hassle of entering payment information on smaller mobile screens. With this service people might actually consider purchasing their favorite brands and items if they were immediately available via a button.

Most companies are hoping that this trend becomes one of the strongest on social media over the next year, but they are also worried that consumers might not trust a button they find on Facebook, Twitter, or others.

This feature could be the next solution for all businesses’ whether they were big or small by replacing the merchant’s app and helping lure new customers. People just need a bit of time to make the shift.

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