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If you are thinking about Game of Thrones, yes you’ve got it right! This post is all about “Hodor”, how his death created a huge buzz on social media. Fans were furious, sad and extremely emotional by the death of the character on the show. What shocked me the most is the way this silent character was never recognized until last Sunday, when the writers finally decided to reveal his purpose on the show which was to hold the door and save the life of a main character “Bran”. That is how the character got his name “Hodor”=”Hold the door”.

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Hodor is not a useless giant anymore, last Sunday he became a hero and social media made sure to point that out. This character sacrificed his entire life for one purpose only, to hold the door and save a boy and a girl from evil.

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After the episode was aired, users began to react emotionally and others started to publish humorous and sarcastic posts. Hashtags were produced such as #Hodor, #HodorHodorHodor and many others related to the show.


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As we say our final goodbyes to Hodor, I think I speak for the entire internet when I say doors will never be the same without him.

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