House of Fraser: An Emojinal Rollercoaster

For anyone that is familiar with the fashion industry and shares a love of lavish department stores, House of Fraser instantly brings up images of luxury and premium international brands. This luxurious image has resonated consistently on their social media platforms for an extended period of time, just until recently…

House of Fraser has decided to get on the bandwagon of the Emoji trend on social media and try their luck with a rather, err… Different approach for a pre Valentine’s Day campaign.  The result was an outbreak of Emoji filled tweets and images, that are made to relay a certain message. The campaign even took to news jacking certain trends that were happening at the time, such as One Direction’s Harry Style’s birthday and pushing through love stories told in Emojis such as Prince William and Kate Middleton.

To put things visually, House of Fraser’s social media went from looking like this:

Now the question arises: why would a luxe department store try to be fluent in Emoji? Which also brings us to the second question at hand: What’s worse; someone pitched #emojinal or someone approved it? Perhaps House of Fraser was trying to win over a younger crowd, as for other brands that are popular with the younger generation, the use of Emojis within their social media accounts is nothing out of the ordinary.

As we all know, for every action there is a reaction, and for this social media campaign the obvious reaction was the Internet. Although many brands have tapped into the Emoji trend successfully with positive results, for House of Fraser it has invoked a negative reaction. Many of the department’s store avid followers took to thinking that House of Fraser’s account has gotten hacked and many were even amused and retorted by making jokes and memes out of the campaign as they were completely taken by surprise from the drastic shift of the tone of the retailer on social media.

However, despite the negativity, some still saw the bright side within the campaign as one Twitter user commented:

Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 2.00.04 PM

Maybe it was working, in a funny way.

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