Rabea Tea Football Videographic

  • Client: Rabea Tea
  • Project: Rabea Tea Football Videographic
  • Date: February 2016
  • Service: Videographic, Content Production
  • Brief: Rabea Tea has been successfully sponsoring the ALJ League for over a year now and this has resulted in increased consideration, trial and likeability for Rabea among football fanatics. The Social Clinic was requested to develop a campaign to create more awareness about this sponsorship, show how Rabea was the perfect fit and help change perception of Rabea from an old, traditional brand to a more modern and young brand.
  • Delivery: After analyzing the results of the 1 year sponsorship, we were able to identify several key stats that proved that Rabea was the perfect fit for this sponsorship: Tea was the most favoured hot drink while watching football games (63%) and Saudis drank 3 more cups on average on the day of watching a football game. When asked which brand of tea did they consume while watching football matches, 82% of respondents mentioned Rabea.

    The Social Clinic came up with the idea of of honouring this successful sponsorship and showing how proud Rabea Tea was to be continuing this journey through a 1:30 minute long video. With the help of the Rabea team, The Social Clinic finalized a script whose aim was to share these key stats with the audience and highlight how most of the Saudi football fans believed Rabea was the right sponsor of the ALJ League

    Once the script was finalized, the video was designed in house and the services of a local recording studio were enlisted to record voice over for the video. The final video was advertised on social media as well as on TV.