Rabea Tea's Kick for Exams

  • Client: Rabea Tea
  • Project: Kick During Exam Period
  • Date: January 2016
  • Service: Content Production, Strategic Creative Solution
  • Brief: KICK is an innovative tea blend created by Rabea with natrual caffeine to give you that extra kick you desire for mental and physical alertness. During the end of semester Exam season in December, Rabea wanted to communicate directly with the students and emphasis on how KICK can play an integral part during the intense studying sessions.
  • Delivery: Any student who has pulled an all-nighter knows how difficult it is to stay awake while revising for exams. Sometimes when we are fighting to stay awake, despite our bodies giving in, our mind often starts playing tricks on us. We start seeing things!

    We used this insight to create a series of 3 videos highlighting how a student's mind plays tricks on him when he is trying to study while feeling sleepy. In our videos, we showed students trying to stay awake while studying for a math exam, a history exam and a tough medical exam.

    Lack of mental alertness and exhaustion makes the math student start seeing complicate math equations turn into stick figures, stuns the medical student whose human body skeleton starts dancing to MJ's Smooth Criminal and shocks the history student as his battle heroes come to life with their spears pointing at each other.

    As soon as the students realize their minds are playing tricks on them, they go off to make themselves a cup of KICK that relieves them of such hallucinations and offers them instant alertness needed to get through the exam revisions.

    Our videos resonated well with the students as they found them very relevant and entertaining during the Exam period.