Saudi Arabia Ranks First On Twitter... Worldwide!

The country where the highest percentage of Internet users are active on Twitter may come as a suprise. It’s Saudi Arabia. One-third of the country’s online population are active monthly Twitter users, according to PeerReach.

KSA number 1 on Twitter

The study considers active Twitter users to be those who tweet, rather than Twitter’s metric of those who log in to the service. It’s important to note that about 40% of the users Twitter considers monthly actives never tweet.
Statista’s chart below shows the 10 countries with the highest percentage of Internet users tweeting at least once per month. The U.S., home of the microblogging platform, ranks eighth on the list.
A study conducted by The Social Clinic research team earlier this year confirmed rapid growth of web-based social communication platforms, especially Twitter, in Saudi Arabia – home of more than half of the active users in the region where Riyadh ranked the 10th city worldwide in number of posts per month -50 million- and more than 600% growth rate.
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KSA first place worldwide

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