Social Media in 60 Seconds in 2012

Social Media has literally become one of the most essential tools we have to use on a daily basis. We emphasize on the word “tool” because there are tons of “to do’s” on social media, from uploading to downloading data & media (text, documents, videos, photos etc…), checking the news, the weather, catching up with your friends, your colleagues and your family; social media has definitely become an essential tool to help us get on with our lives, save us time, bring us closer to our families and friends, help us with our studies and careers, and support us in finding faster, more-accurate solutions.Do you monitor yourself daily? Do you know how much time you spend on Facebook or Twitter or Youtube? When you are back from a vacation, do you monitor how many photos did you upload to Facebook, or how many “i’m loving this” tweets did you do while you where still on vacation? 1 billion of us are on Facebook, 200 million people access Twitter on a daily basis (and according to the latest “reports” Twitter has more than 500 million users), Pinterest and Instagram are dominating the world of “social photography”, and YouTube, well, for every minute, 4,320 minutes of videos are uploaded on the giant social TV, that’s 3 days worth of video content uploaded every minute! Many had their doubts about the survival of “social media” – which doesn’t make sense- and many take it as simply a communication channel, but the numbers below, surely state otherwise!

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