The 100 Layers Challenge

I am by no means a Makeup Guru or even a Makeup Enthusiast. I am probably one of those girls who read the “A Lazy Girl’s Guide to Morning Makeup” articles to find ways to appear presentable enough for work by putting in the least amount of effort. When I do make an effort, try to follow a Youtube tutorial…I end up looking like this:


which means I am a total loser in that department. To me, the cosmetics industry seems like a strange and alien territory ruled by the likes of 18 year old Kylie Jenner. Due to my total lack of interest in makeup, I often end up in situations where I feel out of my comfort zone, like getting ready with my friends, being subjected to a make-over or having someone ask what foundation I use …erhm, a beige one? To me words like “caking, baking and strobing” seem like total gibberish.

However, what I do love are weird, outrageous Youtube challenges- (the above was my pathetic attempt at the “Roast Yourself Challenge”. While Twitter was breaking down over that Khloe/Chloe feud, Snapchat going insane over the Taylor/Kimye drama, the beauty bloggers of Youtube were going crazy over the “The100 Layer Challenge”- which is basically applying 100 layers of any makeup product and seeing the finished look. It’s the craziest thing ever but so fascinating to watch happen IRL.

It all started back in June, when nail artist Cristine posted a video to her YouTube channel titled “100+ Coats of Nail Polish” with the appropriate hashtag #polishmountain. “The video (which should have come with a disturbing content warning may I add) showed Cristine painting her nails with 116 coats of nail polish. No, that’s not a typo. She really did paint 116 coats of nail polish on her nails (not all heroes wear capes). And yes in case you were wondering, she does have nails left at the end of it” (Cosmopolitan, 2016)


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Once I saw that video, I was curious to see what else were people doing and came across beauty blogger Josefin Lillakas (aka, Jeely) who decided to see what it would look like if she overloaded her face with 100 layers of foundation. This is what it looked like:

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Since then several Youtube artists and beauty bloggers have attempted their own versions of this challenge. Here are some examples:

The 100 layers of Liquid Lipstick Challenge– this one was really gross

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Here is my favourite blogger adding her own spin to it:

The 100 layers of Scarves Challenge

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However, there was one woman who did the ultimate 100 Layer Challenge-Youtube sensation Jenna Marbles thought she would up the ante by combining different 100 layer make up challenges all at once, along with few more she wanted to try in one ‘epic meal time of beauty videos’ (DailyMail, 2016). The vlogger took the outrageous trend to a whole other level by doing 100 layers of foundation, nail polish, liquid lipstick, spray tan, hair spray, and 50 pairs of fake lashes (100 altogether).

For those of you who are as fascinated as I was about this whole challenge, here is Jenna doing her thing:

Ultimate Coats of Things Video

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Towards the end of the entire challenge Jenna said: “I don’t think I would wish this experience on anyone else ever. I don’t know what I did this to myself. It just feels so wrong. My face, at this point, feels like I’m not sure if it can ever feel clean again. I regret everything; I wanna take this whole day back [sic]. It took me seven and a half hours for very mediocre pay off… and just a very wrong looking arm,” she added Jenna Marbles vowed that she would never do the challenge again. Well I hope not, I thoroughly enjoyed these challenges and look forward to see what else would these Youtubers come up with. Until then, I am off to do my own “100 Layers of Nutella-on-my-Toast Challenge”. Now that sounds delicious!

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