The Rise Of Snapchat Ads

We all know ads are really effective, all brands, companies and individuals are using them. Like any other social media network, Snapchat plans to utilize users information for more advertisement purposes.

According to Snapchat’s director the company will roll out behavioural targeting capabilities in the third quarter of 2016. Meaning the app will actually observe your frequent activity whether they were the accounts you follow or the media you constantly watch ads will be based on this mechanism.

The company took a step further and collaborated with a third party to better optimize their promotional content through API (application programming interface).

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Ads were announced in June, yes so whoever received an unusual photo or video throughout their regular stream, that was definitely an ad promo and their numbers are increasing by the minute.

Over the past two months, many companies such as P&G, Unilever, L’oreal and Starbucks have run ads between our stories, but they were all limited to 10 seconds. Unlike Discover or Live Story ads, vertical videos between snaps don’t include options to “swipe up” to watch a longer video clip or visit a website which lowers the probability of you remembering them.

More than 100 million people use Snapchat every day, according to the company. The majority of its users are under 35, it’s incredibly engaged by millenials and it’s the best place to reach them, which makes them a strong positioning for brands to sell their stories to the world.

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If Snapchat continues with their advancements they might just be one of the best necessity platforms all brands can rely on.

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