The Social Clinic Chosen As The First Saudi Arabian Social Media Agency With A Facebook Success Story

Another milestone for The Social Clinic, another win, another reason why our clients trust us.

Facebook has been on a mission to collect the best marketing stories implemented on the social network during the years on its platform. To get prepared, they fixed up their regions on the “best business practice” pages and combined Europe with Africa and a market called the Middle East. As you can imagine, there were hundreds and thousands of campaigns from Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, & of course the Middle East that were reviewed. 

The results are out.  Only 313 campaigns made it to earn the title “Success Stories” from Europe, Middle East, & Africa combined3 of those were from Saudi Arabia.

It gives me great pleasure and honor and pride to tell you that one of our campaigns for one of our clients is one of those 3 campaigns, and our agency, is the only agency based & fully operating from inside Saudi Arabia that made it, knowing that the two other agencies for the two other brands are based in Dubai.

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 7.41.02 PM Our success story stats:

  • Among the first batch of success stories for Facebook to verify out of USA
  • 1/3 only from KSA
  • 1/313 from Europe, ME, Africa
  • The only one developed & produced by a Saudi agency
  • The first FMCG case study from GCC region

Our success story is Halwani Bros’ Jam Relaunch campaign that took place in March of last year, or what Facebook preferred to call it: Sweetening the pot for a product relaunch 🙂

My heart filled with joy and my eyes with tears when saw it this morning. I set out 5 years ago to build a social business consultancy and a social media agency based on best practice startup standards, social media marketing strategic strength, and train a local team with global spirit based, operating, and leading from Jeddah, the city that opened opportunities for me. 

We were, and still are, being imitated by and compared to other “experts” because this is how the industry is, but through our clients’ belief and all our partner support, we are one step closer so thank you for your support.

There is no better way to end this note rather than have enjoy our tasty success story on this link.

Cheers, Bilal.

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