The State of Social Media in Saudi Arabia 2013

As another year is over and as we welcome a new year, we often shed light on accomplishments, results, statistics, and findings from the folding year.
Last year, The Social Clinic, Saudi Arabia’s number one and first ever social business and media consultancy, conducted a first of its kind research that ended hung up on many walls, in many newspapers, and on many desks, thanks to the genius design talents at The Loft Creative Hub. The research was “The State of Social Media in Saudi Arabia 2012”.
This year, we are proud to announce that we have carried on this informative tradition along with The Loft and today we present you with “The State of Social Media in Saudi Arabia 2013” that announces on its part the latest trends, statistics, facts, and figures of the usage of social media in Saudi Arabia.
The data announced in this infographic is a result of many days of digital research, field work, and connections our consultancy has with several social networks. May you have further inquiries or questions on the report, for citation purposes, or for any other usage of the report, kindly get in touch with our research department, kindly note that the infographic is trademarked and copyrighted under the legal laws of Saudi Arabia.
Social Media has unsurprisingly grown massively in 2013, and this growth has had a direct implication on its usage in Saudi Arabia. Facebook’s mobile users have increased more than 150%, Saudi’s LinkedIn users have grown 30% since January 2012, and Twitter penetration keeps breaking records, placing Saudi on top Twitter user penetration per internet capita.
Saudi’s universities and Saudi based organizations dominate LinkedIn’s top 5 lists in the region and with no doubt, Saudi Arabia has the highest number of LinkedIn users in the region. The Arabic language is still the most used language on social networks nationwide, and Saudi tweets have grown 300% since last year, reaching an average of 150 million tweets/ month.
Full details, numbers, and findings are in our infographic below. Make sure you share with us your thoughts and comments on social media’s growth in Saudi Arabia in the designated comments section below.

 The State of Social Media in Saudi Arabia EN

 للاصدار باللغة العربية، انقر هنا


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