The Winners & Losers of Social Media in 2012

2012 was definitely a wild year in social media. Nearly every social network introduced either a new product or service, and literally every social network changed its layout and look & feel. Facebook introduced the timeline (which is getting new changes and might have become a column timeline soon), Instagram added filter, terminated its link with Twitter, and was purchased for an impressive 1 billion dollars by Facebook, which some referred to as a stunt by the latter to show financial muscles before the IPO they undertook earlier this year. LinkedIn revamped their whole user interface, gradually, but successfully, and Twitter introduced the “header image” which users are divided between pro and against. The below infographic “grades” the social networks in terms of growth, users, & ROI. Twitter appears to be the most solid one of the bunch with excellent grades in Growth, Users and ROI.We are not surprised given the growth rate and adoption pace Twitter is getting, given the fact that Twitter is no longer engaging with other networks such as LinkedIn & Instagram due to API changes Twitter forced in Q3 & Q4 2012. Although Instagram is not within the infographic (probably because it doesn’t have a non-mobile interface), Pinterest, one of our favorites, is there and fair enough, graded best at growth, surely because Pinterest is the fastest growing social network of all time. the winners and losers of social media 2012 thesocialclinic the social clinic
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